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Welcome to the Fenton Green online Professional Indemnity insurance quotation and transaction platform.
Fenton Green is pleased to continue our partnership with CPA Australia in providing Professional Indemnity insurance solutions to members.
As part of this partnership, CPA Australia has instructed us to renew their Mini Policy for another year.
CPA Master Policy

For CPA Members who participate in the CPA Master Mini Policy, you are participating in a shared Limit amongst all Insured CPA members. As this is a Master Policy, the Limit of Indemnity for Professional Indemnity is $500,000 for any one claim and $20,000,000 in the aggregate. These are all shared limits by all Insured. This means that if the Limit of Indemnity, any reinstatements of the Limit or extensions are exhausted by Claims against some of the Insured, then there will be no cover remaining.

The Mini Policy is issued to CPA Australia to cover members who meet the eligibility criteria and who apply for the cover. The policy commences on 28th February every year, runs for a 12 month period and expires on 28th February of the following year. If a member's Mini Policy application is approved, cover will only commence upon receipt of the premium payment. Members are able to take up cover at any time throughout the policy period, however their policy will always expire on 28th February of that year. There is no pro-rata premium consideration for members who take up cover within the current policy period.

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